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As you can see on the bottom of the pyramid there is a straight line started  from the left side to the right side  or vice versa;  Basically the right side represent JESUS who is on the right side of the GOD and the left side is LUCIFER.


You can notice that Jesus and Lucifer are in the same line in the pyramid.  It is remarkable all for the reason that both have the same level of power although in a different ways.


Jesus can cure diseases, rise from the dead, speak to God, and perform miracles. Basically, Jesus’ power is to BLESS, in contrast Lucifer can kill millions of people, create diseases, speak to God, and create the science; basically Lucifer’s power is to DESTROY.


This answer the reason why we have two side in our brain, the posetive+ thought JESUS side and the negative thought - LUCIFER side.  Both are in the same straight line, the choice is yours.





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