9/11 The Holy and Special day on the Illuminati World calender

The Invasion has begun (movie)

This movie was released 11 years before the 9/11 occurred, just takes a look on the picture and you can see a plane going toward the "tower" just as the same way it took place in real life.

This is what we call an "hidden message" the illuminate are aware of any single movement  that is going on in the world, just take a look on the title of the movie: The invasion has begun


Just take a look on the title of the movie and see what happen in the world trade centre?

This movie is almost 15 years old and came about long before 9/11.
Now ask yourself! How it can be possible? These movies are showing us and predicting us with future happenings?

Is it normal?

No, it is part the new world order.


The illuminate rule the world and they are creating all those occurrences to make the situation move toward them...



Take a look at very strange picture of Mickey Mouse is actually indicating the 9/11 without looking at it...

Just have looked the mouse's face it’s seemed happy and unaware of the situation.

The movie industry knew about 9/11 in fact many years ago; it was just matter of time to see the occurrence becomes a reality

This picture of Mickey is almost 20 years old.  Can you believe that?


From:David Holcombe

The road to tyranny was made in 2003

From: unkown

there is no such movie "THE INVASION HAS BEGUN".  



from:  Michael Smith

The road to tyranny was released AFTER  the 9/11 event happened!!


From: unknown

there is no such movie "THE INVASION HAS BEGUN".  

From: unknown

this is a great video... but could you not put the link bar right in the middle of the video its very annoying and it blocks your text...



Beautiful and what he said is so sad but it is truth.   





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