Michael Jackson illuminati


From: Teresa Cooper

So I don't get it was Micheal Jackson a christian is that why he died when he did or what beliefs did he have??? Could someone Please anwser that question because I am confused about what his beliefs were?


From: Teresa Cooper

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From: Martuska

Something strange happened to Michael in the past couple of years.  It's as if he was transformed!  Literally!  People started making up rumours that this was not M. J. but a double he had instead .  I know  it was M. J. but that something changed him.  Even during his final days, while rehearsing the "This Is It" concert, Michael appeared as if his life was sucked out of his body, almost like a zombie. As I watched Michael make his speech in London, about the upcoming series of concerts, I was looking at a Michael I had never seen or heard before. This was a changed person. Not only did he look tierd and worn out, his voice was deepened and he spoke slower than usual.  I don't want to speculate, but something terrible  happened to this wonderful and talented man. If it is the Illuminati who are  responsible, than all I can say is that they succeeded.  They got him! Like so many others.  They promise and fame fortune  in return for one's soul.  Most people think this is a joke and perhaps M. J. was one of them at first, and later when he realized the power they had over him, he started coming out and exposing them,either through his music or interveiws.  I'm certain they silenced him and what better way than  through one of their own!  Dr. Conrad Murray,who just happens to be a high degree freemason.  Mission accomplished!  "Another one bites the dust"!   Who will it be next?  Ladies and gentlemen ?


From: Teresa Cooper

I am sorry but I believe differently about Micheal Jackson and beliefs in general the reason I do not believe that Micheal Jackson was Lucifers Prophet is like saying that Walt Disney was Lucifers brother and I don't believe that either.  What I do believe however is that he was a good person who cared about people in a genuine manner there are good things about Micheal that no one wants to recognize.  I think he was a fun loving person who did things well and had nothing to do with anything evil someone is trying to say things about him that I will never believe is true and I would like to believe positive things about people and not smear their name or reputation in life since he is gone I still have respect for this man.  He was talented and a good person and that is how I will always remember him to be.

Thank You.


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