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From:Teresa Cooper

I don't believe that just because Micheal Jackson wrote a song with the words of Morphine and Demerol means that he was addicted and even if he was addicted to these painkillers they are medications for pain and I think a little compassion would be nice for a man who entertained the world with everything he had.  Since he has died could we please be nice enough to this man to leave him alone and leave the subject of his death alone as well.  I just liked the man as a human being and it would be nice if people respected him as such.  Think of the nice things and not on the negative bad things.

From:Teresa Cooper

I have to say that I do not believe that mj had anything to do with anything in the negative connatation with his knowledge.  If it is true that he was led to the lord than that is a good thing.  I am proud and glad to hear it.  but I will never believe anything evil or negative about Micheal Jackson or his music or the kind of person he was.  I will always remember him as a great talent and a great person.


Site Admin

hi ox oc!!!! your comment is 5 out 5 stars ....well said!!!!!


From: ox oc

there's no problem in worshipping the sun...  what is wrong is to keep it secret... well... it isn't a secret that nature itself worships the sun,. and so do we, when the sun comes out the day begins... it's all very simple... what you can not do is hide that... once you hide what you worship then youre an ocultist... thats whats "wrong"... but evrything comes right out of you... if you meditate long enough you will understand that you and evrytinh around you are one and life goes on within you and without you... peace.


From: Being of light!

You clearly do not do enough research, you say MJ was in debt to Lucifer and that in the last 7 years he disapointed Lucifer by singing about saving the rainforest, they dont get about us, You then go on to say that he used to sing about Thriller , demon etc- YOU DO NOT KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT MJ!!! He had a handful of songs with that theme, on the whole he has alway delivered a positive message of peace love and unity! And if you actually did your research you would know that Rod Temperton wrote the music and lyrics for Thriller! Seriously, sometimes people search so hard for th truth they uncover bullshit! MJ was not in league with Satan, and i higly doubt you know much about true satanism-because it is not all fire and brimstone evil as the christian bible tells you! Please please people, do not merely accept half baked opinions as fact! Learn for yourself, ther is a welath of Literature out there on all kinds of deifferent subjects- your mission should you choose to accept it is to educate yourself and come to your own conclusions based on where your heart leads you! Follow the light of love and you will see! By the way I come from no religious standpoint whatsoever, I just hate disinformation!

Peace love and unity to the entire multiverse!


From: Unknown

This isn't proof the MJ was satanic. he isn't even making that hand gesture in nearly all those pics they were just his hand. and every light in those pictures isn't necessarily a satanic sun!


Remember the video of Don't stop til you get enough by Michael Jackson. I read the words which I never thought of it when I saw the video with the words on it.  It was talking about forces and powers. Is this about worshipping satan?


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