Was "Michael Jackson" part of  illuminati?


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From: Angel of God

Seems you find my messages dangerous...why???????????? Why don't you post them...you have already been exposed!!!!!!!!! God will destroy all of you. Don't you have the courage to post what I have to say!!!!!!!!!!! You are not powerful at all and you didn't get to Michael..he still lives you will see or maybe you already know.

From: unknown

Illuminati you never got to Michael Jackon the laugh is on you...God will destroy all of you. Michael still is alive. You tried to kill him because he was exposing all of you.  I can't wait until you feel God's wrath upon you.

From: Vera Lucia

Ah, façam-me o favor...acho q estão perdendo tempo demais lendo esas bobagens...deixem Michael em paz, procurem lembrar apenas o q ele fez de bom e pela humanidade, não relevem esse tipo de leitura, pois o conteúdo é no mínimo, duvidoso...francamente...ficção científica ficaria melhor enquadrado...fariam o sucesso q não terão agora, pois os fãs de Michael, o amam e jamais se deixariam levar por essas fantasias...ninguém merece...

From: Unknown

whoever believes michael jackson is evil or some kind of illuminati king or whatever bullsh*t ur completely retarded and stupid. he was against the illuminati and was about to tell the world about them. to answer ur questions and ruin ur lives watch these videos.- "Illuminati, Music Industry and why Michael Jackson was murdered" 1-4 and also "Illuminati Killed Michael Jackson
" parts 1-4, Tupac on the Illuminati (KILLUMINATI)", " Illuminati Symbolism In Movies (NEW VERSION - MUST SEE ALL OF VIDEO!) - High Definition", "Obama and 23 coincidences" all of these videos will make everything clear to you all.

From: vincent giovanni ongudi

Nice work your doing opening our eyes to the things we do daily with out us knowing ...i have read this stuff in net and saw the signs and your work is exposing them right where they are as the books and i loved it :)
now, could you please mail me some of the hidden teachings of illuminati so i may know the subject broader ?

thanks and have a happy new year

From: Site Admin

Dear Vincent

Unfornutely we can't recommend any specific book illuminati is like candy the more you find out the more it become enjoyable and the easier it become to join or be recruit; We are not try to change people faith or marketing illuminati. the Book we would recommend we do believe you alread have "the bible" other book was written by men like us and the only tell their view and opinion.  the bible is all about the illuminati start on proverb....

From: Randall Jones
I like this site but you need to check your grammer and spelling.
From: site Admin
You are right! we have some spell grammer error because the site we  use does not offer grammer spelling and make us very hard to be accurate.  our apologise for that we will work hard to change the issue
From: JispirrrRrr
It was adopt 25th because of the culmination of the Feast of Saturnalia. This of course ties in with the Saturnalian Brotherhood. However though I highly doubt that any of this has to do with the death of Michael Jackson.
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