Michael Jackson Satanic Signs 


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From: Omar Ali

Michael didnt realise his work was a worship to satan but i think when he found out, he was trying break free but the consequence was DEATH


From: Marcella

here is a scene on this video -Michael Jackson History Dvd Entrance
-where MJ is marching with the red army and then he gives a command like a king.  Then they make an image of him and people worshipping as if he some god.  Similar to Rev. 13:  where people worships the image.  very dangerous here.



From: Rachael

I completely agree with what someone said before me; this is a load of bull!
Michael tried to change the world for the better! And if you believe he's a satanist, something's clearly wrong!

Leave the poor guy alone! As if he didn't get enough bad press through his life, without people trying to ruin his death too! He should be at peace now, and people coming up with stories like this make me sick >/


 From: Marcella

Beautiful and what he said is so sad but it is truth.

Sorry, the commit here that I made were to the pastor the were speaking about truth behind hip hop.  Beautiful meaning good teaching, very annoited.  Sad but it is truth.  

Sorry, I didn't mean to offend no one.


From: Notepi Domas

Hey, i've been researching the new world order a lot, and i have to say man, that michael jackson was always being manipulated by some important people, and they were behind his death also. I mean if you want to control the world, you just can't allow the king of pop make his last tour to spread the word... i would like you to check the lyrics of the whole album HISTORY, you'll see how he was fighting against this fuckin scheme called society... and our leaders of course... we are organizing as one in my country and I like to remind you, that the only solution is love, as bob marley freddy mercury michael jackson and john lennon said, before they were vanished by the killuminati... and tupac shakur also... you have my mail so if you want to join us, you'll be welcomed... our main goal is to change the world... and we will be succesful beacuse our flag is love... peace !!

From: Site admin

Lol.......You suggested we dont know nothing about revelations? this site is all about revelations in the church they  hide so many things from you and they make you  read the bible without you understanding it.  The men church designed a church to be a boring place so that you dont acquired the knowledge the "proverb 5" is talking about...... 


From: unknown

Honestly, man you need to re-read the Word of the Lord. The beast is not MJ, its an organization. You obviously know nothing about Revelations. I would recommend going to Shepard's Chapel and watch Pastor Arnold Murphys Bible studies


From: Angie Findley

A few weeks prior to Michael Jackson's death, he accepted Christ.  Andre And Sandra Crouch led him to the Lord.  So, THAT is why he was murdered!



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