Micheal jackson knew about his death

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Michael Jackson knew he supposed to die soon; I have more evidences to prove it.

First of all, he did claim in one of his songs about switching his body, it means send his soul to someone else body, while his own body die for good.   I figured out some hidden messages on the album "blood on the dance floor"

Be ready!



This 13 track album was released in May, 1997 and contained 5 new songs in addition to 8 remixed tracks from the HIStory album.

Due to the fact that Michael was touring at the time of recording the album, many of the tracks were recorded and mixed in countries around the globe such as Sweden, Switzerland and Germany.

The album was originally planned to be a promotional tool for the European leg of the HIStory tour, and for this reason was not widely publisized in most of the world. The album ended up being widely successful around the globe, despite the low promotions, with the album and/or the title single reaching #1 in over 10 countries.

Source: http://www.allmichaeljackson.com/bloodonthedancefloor.html


Let us analyse the information above: the album has 13 tracks and 5 new songs and 8 remixed tracks.  I guess it looks like a something normal but it isn't, in fact this numbers are "hidden messages" let’s go to the bible see it on:


Revelation 13:5-8

5The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority for forty-two months. 6He opened his mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven. 7He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. 8All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the book of life belonging to the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world.


I do know a revelation is hard book to recognize, I will explain the chapter, 5The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority for forty-two months.  If you realised the first came verse 5 and then you can see that they are the 5 new songs in the album, next is "42 months authority" if you add it with 8 new remixed tracks (42+8=50)…50 is the age Michael Jackson died

Let us move on and see the album itself:

  1. Blood On The Dance Floor (written by Michael Jackson)
  2. Morphine (written by Michael Jackson)
  3. Superfly Sister (written by Michael Jackson)
  4. Ghosts (written by Michael Jackson & Teddy Riley)
  5. Is It Scary (written by Michael Jackson, James Harris & Terry Lewis)
  6. Scream Louder - Flyte Time Remix (written by Michael and Janet Jackson, James Harris & Terry Lewis)
  7. Money - Fire Island Radio Edit (written by Michael Jackson)
  8. 2 Bad - Refugee Camp Mix (written by Michael Jackson)
  9. Stranger In Moscow - Tee's In-House Club Mix (written by Michael Jackson)
  10. This Time Around - D.M Radio Mix (written by Michael Jackson)
  11. Earth Song - Hani's Club Experience (written by Michael Jackson)
  12. You Are Not Alone - Classic Club Mix (written by R. Kelly)
  13. History - Tony Moran's History Lesson (written by Michael Jackson)


Very Well! now let see the tracks...If you still not believe that michael jackson knew about his own death just listen to track  2 of the "blood on the dance floor album"


Morphine lyrics

He got flat baby
Kick in the back baby
A heart attack baby
I need your body

A hot kiss honey
He's just a bitch baby
You make me sick baby
So unrelying

I'm such a swine baby
All down the line daddy
I hate your kind baby
So unreliable

A hot buzz baby
He's one of us baby
Another drug baby
You so desire

Trust in me
Trust in me
Put all your trust in me
You're doin' morphine


They got place baby
Kicked in the face baby
You hate your race baby
You're just a liar

Your every lick baby
Your dog's a bitch baby
You make me sick baby
You soul survivor

She never cut from me
She never cut baby
I had to work baby
You just a rival

Always to please daddy
Right up and leave daddy
You're thorwing shame daddy
So undesirable

Trust in me
Just in me
Put all your trsut in me
You're doin' morphine

Go'on babe

This won't hurt you
Before I put it in
Close your eyes and count to ten
Don't cry
I won't convert you
There's no need to dismay
Close your eyes and drift away

Oh God he's taking demerol
Oh God he's taking demerol

He's tried
Hard to convince her
To be over what he had
Today he wants it twice as bad
Don't cry
I won't resent you
Yesterday you had his trust
Today he's taking twice as much

Oh God he's taking demerol
Oh my Oh God it's Demerol


He got shit baby
Your dog's a bitch baby
You make me sick baby
You are a liar

Is truth a game daddy
To win the fame baby
It's all the same baby
You're so reliable

Trust in me
Trust in me
Put all your trust in me
She's doin' morphine


You just sit around just talkin' nothing
You're takin' morphine
Go'on baby
You just sit around just talking about it
You're takin' morphine
Just sit around just talking nothing about it
You're takin' morphine
You just sit around just talking about it
You're taking morphine
You just sit around just talkin' nothin'
And takin' morphine

I'm going down baby
You're talkin' Morphine

Go'on baby!
Do it!
He's takin' morphine

1. A heart attack baby- MJ died by heart attack

2. Another drug baby - MJ was addicted to pain killers

3. Morphine - (pain killer) is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers.

Morphine is used to treat moderate to severe pain. It works by dulling the pain perception center in the brain.

4. Another drug baby- mean more tablets till i die

5.This won't hurt you Before I put it in- of course pain killers are painless this why is pain killer lol!

6. Demerol -(meperidine) is a narcotic pain medicine used to treat moderate to severe pain. Includes Demerol side effects, interactions and indications.

ON the NEWS:

"""Michael Jackson - Dr Murray denies Demerol and Oxy via lawyer"""





Is those Russia Armies behind Michael when he was running down the steps?  It seems like he's the only celebrity that have that many armies running behind him.  It was a long ago, I hope you know what I'm talking about.  Just email me the answer if it is possible. 

From: amonmus

This is a bunch of bull shit. I don't believe a word of it. Micheal Jackson was a good man and father of his kids. What evidence do you have against him that he was a satanist? Maybe he just used the signs as this is how I stand out from the other music artists of the time. He liked make-up and special effects. He never had a childhood because of his dad. Just aggggh leave him alone he is dead and deserves respect so leave him well enough alone.

From Marcella

could the celebrities have fake their death on the day they are suppose to die. Meaning the world thinks their dead but they are not.  could that be?


From: Marcella 

Also in the Bible, Moses was giving commandments from God about sex.  It was written that humans should not lay with animals. Read Lev. 20:15, 16.  That's why I don't like the cartoon the beauty and the beasts.


From: Marcella

Micheal Jackson also is the 7th of his siblings.  His memorial is on the 7th of July-7.  There have been question arise is Michael Jackson is the main false prophet. 

From: Ali

Thus it is reasonable to draw the conclusion that Michael's father was deeply involved in MK ULTRA and/or some other off-spring(s) of the same. It is also reasonable to believe that the Illuminati wanted a black group of young boys to hit the music industry, and they wanted them "their way". Joe could very well have been offered the opportunity by the Illuminati in the music industry to strike it rich if he succeeded in "training" the kids. Just like with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, you have to have two groups competing. In the Beatles/Rolling Stones case it was the bad guys (The Stones) against the good guys (The Beatles), and in this case it was "The Jackson 5" and "The Osmonds" (the black against the white)

From: jerry swain

sorry not convinced that he ACTUALLY KNEW

From: realdeal119
man is dead doesnt mean hes not guilty. michael jackson relentlessly flashed the baphomet sign in his performances. in hollywood, in order to really be successful, u have to take the oath
rip mj

From: Ibringthelight
ehh im sure u r just thinking he faked his death, unless he said it cleary then i doubt it

From: shadeproductionz

most retarted video about MJ.... MJ was against the illuminatie just listin to his lyrics and watch hes video clips damn..

From: Liahona

This is a little to extreme. It's dangerous to go to extremes. There was probably illumanti putting it into his video , but that doesn't mean he is for it. Durrr. This is hilarious though. Adleast you got a lot of tiem on your hand. The sun represents heavenly father..Goober!

From: bigheadrascal

Not all the Illuminatii are evil. Listen to the words of the song. the symbols of ancient Africa and the east where stolen and used for world domination by Alexander the great and many others. In place of the universal natural religions we have the false doctrine of the Judeo/christain/islamic faiths each one of having major flaws : There are no chosen people, we all are our own saviors, and women are equal to men.


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