Subliminal Messages in The Simpsons 


I know some of you guys love the Simpsons the same way as I do; the truth is some of simpsons episodes has subliminal messages in it. The directors behind the simpsons might or really are part of the Secret society, I have found many subliminal messages and I am going to share them with you.  Be the judge!!!



The first time I watch the simpsons and saw Channel 6 news I was wondering why 6, then I link it with the word simpsons and I  found 3 (S) stand  for Six, Six and Six then I understood the reason for channel 6 news.



This is one is very familiar most people know about it; 9/11 was a set up and part of NWO the new world order.  My question is why does the illuminate media take so much pride in show it?







The time I saw this I thought it was a joke, later I realised it was more than that, these people really play God on us. They even claimed to have more people watching simpsons than going to church on Sundays




This one does not need any explanation we all know what it is mean. Don’t we?






This hidden message really amazed me; few people really get it, just pay attention on Homer’s hand…




These are some form of teaching homosexuality without us become aware of them, this is why is called subliminal messages, “sending messages to subconscious to file Devil’s thought” wake up people!!!





Are these normal?

These people are trying to mess up our minds, by the way this is the way hidden messages are aimed for to guide you the way they want you to




The good thing about the simpsons are the way the humiliate people in a very humorous way.  They compared Barack Obama with Ralf Wiggum. so this the way the America must see him.








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